About Us

PPA Online is an addiction help centre created by health information enthusiasts and recovering addicts. We have placed emphasis on providing up to date information on addiction, as well as providing direct access to top addiction treatment centres across the UK.

We offer guides for those struggling with addiction and their families, helping them with the right level of care to meet their individual needs.  We are always available to address any concerns you may have as we are fully focused on helping you find the right solutions.

The PPA Online Mission Statement

We have strong principles that form the basis of our content and services we offer. By following our principles, we have established ourselves as the first option towards full sobriety for many people.

Here at PPA Online, we are fully motivated to serve our audience in a manner that ensures they are always first.  We are focused on meeting the needs of people struggling with addiction and helping them in the most effective manner. Our motivation is saving as many lives as possible and it has helped us to expand our audience greatly over the last few years. We are fully committed to reaching out to as many people as possible.

Our goal is to be one of the leading places where people suffering from addiction can come to. This will allow those that have struggled with addiction to have somewhere they can go to and voice their goals, opinions and stories. We provide people with resources that they can count on when they need to find professional help. We want to be a major factor in the reduction of addiction cases across the UK and the world.

We Welcome Everyone

PPA Online was created with the sole aim of helping those in need of effective addiction treatment. Our services are fully accessible by anyone, irrespective of demographics. We pride ourselves on equality and diversity and as such, do not discriminate against age, gender, race or sexuality.

Our counsellors are trained and experienced professionals who understand the delicate nature of addiction treatment. People who call our designated lines are guaranteed the highest levels of respect and professionalism. We understand that different people have unique and sensitive needs; we carefully analyse situations on a case by case basis before making any treatment centre recommendations.

At PPA Online, rehabilitation centres are not the only option; this is just one solution among many that are available. Our holistic approach ensures that we can give our clients the right help; this could be in the form of counselling, CBT or holistic therapy and out-patient rehab. We are available to contact right away to discuss your options, or for advice on the nearest NHS services to you.