Beating addictive urges comes easy to no one. In fact, as soon as you commit to transcending your urges, that’s when everything begins to work against you and the temptation seems to quadruple. But don’t give up. Whether you are an addict in recovery or a regular person trying to beat his or her urges, there are a number of things you can do to help you conquer those urges.

Here they are:

Make Friends that Are Fighting Similar Urges

The best way to do this is to find a support group near you and join. There, you will meet people fighting similar urges. There, you can share the hurdles of beating your urges and your breakthroughs. There, you know you are not alone, not the only human battling an urge. There, you have friends that encourage you.

Beat Your Addictive Urges with Books

This could be textbooks, the Bible, inspirational books (especially ones about beating urges), or novels—whatever works for you. However, you need to make sure that the books are gripping enough to break your urges. Inspirational books, for instance, have the capacity to move people emotionally towards positive decisions and novels can take you on a vicarious journey, away from the urges.

Beat Your Addictive Urges by Indulging a Talent

Everybody has a talent. Either that or they haven’t discovered it yet. The thing about talents is that indulging them makes us fulfilled even when they aren’t fetching us money. We are simply happy that we can do a certain thing naturally. Is your talent singing? Writing? Painting? Building things? Discover it and indulge it whenever you sense those urges. They won’t only take your mind of the urges; they will fulfil you.

Be Answerable to Someone

This could be a family member, your teacher, your mentor, a religious, or even that friend who you respect and would hate to disappoint. For recovering addicts, it could be a sober companion or a counsellor. These people can support you emotionally, perhaps, by commending you for your progress. And the fact that they regularly check in on your progress means you now have two people you can’t afford to let down—yourself and them.

Find Great Distractions

Distractions are actually lying around everywhere. You just need to know what works for you. Is it gardening? exercising? Playing chess or Sudoku? Walking your dog? Watching a documentary? There are thousands of activities you can engage in any time those urges rear up their enticing faces.

Record Your Progress

You can do this with a journal, flowcharts, or a voice recorder. Whenever you experience an urge, record it down alongside whether or not your transcended it and how. At the end of the week or month, you can revisit the recording to view how you have fared.

This will help you determine how much progress you have made. It will also help you review when you resigned to your urges and what went wrong, and when you beat an urge and how you did it. Recording your progress can help you understand your strength and focus on it. The fact that you would want your report to say good things about your progress could very well influence you into beating your urges.

Mentor Other People That Battle Urges

Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to teach. This is because teaching forces you into researching your topic, if only so you do not mess up before your subjects. And there is a reason they say, “Practice what you preach.” When you are mentoring people that are battling their own addictive urges, it’s naturally to want to lead by example. Thus by helping other people beat their addictive urges, you help yourself too.

Beating an addictive urge isn’t something you can achieve in a day. It takes months or even years of perseverance. The best advice anyone can give you is: don’t give up on the way, no matter what.


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