When medications and procedures do not provide relief, many people accept a life with chronic pain. While some professionals prescribe more drugs, Dr. Michelle DiBiase believes pain can stem from an unexpected place: emotional unrest.

Her new book, “Power Over Pain: The POP Method for Whole-Body Healing”, is an instructional method for tapping into underlying emotions and thoughts that anchor pain in the body.

“So many times, doctors focus on the physical symptoms of a person and disregard the mental and spiritual aspects that are essential in achieving total health and wellness,” Dr. DiBiase said. “My focus is to find the balance of all three.”

Dr. DiBiase noticed many of her chiropractic patients had pain charged by emotions, not physical ailments. She developed the ‘POP Method’ so her patients could have an instructional resource for resolving their chronic pain in five simple steps.

“Negative feelings and emotions can cause pain and dysfunction in your body,” Dr. DiBiase said. “Identifying, exploring and releasing the painful emotions that are hidden inside you can directly affect the way your body responds on the outside.”


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