It can often be confusing when it comes to picking a suitable treatment centre for Marijuana abuse and addiction. Understanding the environment can help you to make informed decisions about treating your (or a family member’s) Marijuana addiction.

Types of Rehab

There are two major types of Marijuana treatment facilities:

  • In-patient facilities
  • Out-patient facilities

In-patient facilities

In-patient care facilities are varied; some are similar to standard hospitals, whilst others are set up as residential treatment programmes. A residential programme is often located in a tranquil environment, with picturesque views. Some facilities provide private rooms and a range of activities.

A medical treatment facility will provide the basic amenities such as shelter and food, but may not provide the beautiful setting. These facilities will often cost a lot less than their luxury counterparts, but may still offer alternative treatments and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Cannabis addiction.

Both types of in-patient care services are effective, so your choice should be based on the following factors:

  • Overall cost of the treatment facility
  • Benefits offered for individual treatment facilities
  • Number and experience of staff
  • Success rate

A luxury facility that does not provide the most effective programmes for Marijuana specific addictions may not be as valuable as traditional facilities; these tend to have a history of effective resource programmes and improved levels of expertise. When selecting a facility, be cautious of allowing the surroundings to cloud your decision.

Out-patient facilities

Out-patient programmes can also be successful in treating Cannabis addiction. These types of facilities offer many benefits which may be lacking in an in-patient programme. For example:

  • Letting a recovering addict continue working to provide for their family
  • Allowing the recovering addict to choose between a day or a night programme
  • Providing a way for the recovering addict to continue supporting minors or dependent parents
  • Developing confidence through overcoming daily Marijuana temptations
  • Incentive programs for sustained sobriety

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or ‘CBT’ is a specific, yet resourceful treatment programme that has proven valuable in treating Marijuana addiction. The treatment focuses on techniques to assist recovering addicts in changing their behaviours; whilst delivering alternative coping strategies to discourage continued use.

It is an extremely flexible and personalized approach to Marijuana rehab, which was originally used to treat alcoholism. Before then, it was improved and used to successfully treat Cocaine addiction. In modern times, it has proven to be very effective for Marijuana abuse and other types of drug abuse.

Motivation Enhancement Therapy

Another common method used in rehab is the Motivation Enhancement Therapy (MET). Many addicts don’t admit that they have a problem; in such situation’s a MET approach proves itself to be a useful tool for recovery. Upon entering a programme, the recovering addict will attend a series of therapy sessions where motivational techniques are employed.

Consider these factors when choosing a suitable rehab facility.


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