Write for Us

Do you have experience with addiction recovery; any tips, stories, news or expertise that you wish to share with us? If so, we’d like to publish your piece in the hope that it will offer support to others. PPA online is an addiction treatment and recovery organisation, dedicated to helping addicts and their loved ones, both in the UK and worldwide.

What we are looking for

As an ethical organisation, we are cautious in what we publish. As such, we only consider pieces which have tangible connections to addiction and recovery. These could fall into the following categories:

  • Current news on addiction: These could be the latest discoveries about addiction and recovery, inspiring stories of celebrity recovery, or current actions by governments across the world to combat addiction.
  • Academic essays: We look for academic essays written on the topic of treatment for addiction and recovery, written by academic experts on the subject.
  • Original articles on addiction, treatment for addiction, and recovery.
  • Inspiring real-life stories of recovery from addiction.
  • Fictional short stories (up to 2000 words) tailored to discourage continued substance misuse and encourage recovery
  • In depth interviews with those suffering from addiction, treatment counsellors, sober companions, friends and relatives of patients or experts on addiction and recovery. The interview must be solely based on the topic.
  • Critical reviews of film and literature written about addiction and recovery. The literature may be factual or fiction in genre but should inspire recovery.

Who Can Write for Us

We are particularly keen to work with individuals who are connected to the topic of addiction; those who fall into the following categories:

  • People currently battling addiction.
  • Individuals who have recovered from addiction.
  • People whose loved ones are addicts, are battling addiction, or were addicts
  • People who fear they might be addicted to a substance or activity.
  • Experts on addiction and recovery. This can be medical practitioners specialising in addiction and recovery, treatment counsellors, sober companions, authors who have written books on addiction and recovery, or film producers and directors who have worked on addiction and recovery films.
  • Anybody who has had an inspiring encounter with an addict or a recovered addict.

This list is exhaustive and pieces will be assessed on an individual basis for suitability. If you have written a well-researched piece on addiction and recovery, please do not hesitate to submit it to us. Please bear in mind that the piece must be written factually and contain viable sources.

How to Submit to Us

We accept submissions via both email and post. Email submissions should be forwarded as a Word-Document attachment (.RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX) to EMAILXXX, with “Submission: The Tittle of Your Piece” as the subject. Your submission should be properly formatted, with a readable font (Courier New) and font size (12 points).

Submissions via post should adhere to the same format and be forwarded to ADDXXX. Please include an ESAE or an email for our response. We strive to respond to all electronic submissions within a week and all post submissions with a month.

What you will receive in return

Although we currently do not pay for accepted submissions, we hope our large network of readers will offer you and your work much publicity and that your piece touches and changes the life of an addict for the better.

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We look forward to reading your work.